Mechanical Turk Email Sender

Send free email messages / notifications from your mturk requestor account to workers.

Tip 1: Consider sending a test message to your own mturk worker ID.
Tip 2: Consider using the mturk website (instead of this tool) to email workers from recent HITs.

Requestor Access Key (your public access key - required) :   (Find yours here)

Worker User ID (the recipient's MTurk ID - required) :

Subject (optional) :

Message Body (required) :

Signature (specific to this one message - required):   (How do I get this?)

1. Click here and open AmzS3SigTester.htm for the free digital signature tester from
2. Inside the digital signature tester, copy & paste the Signature Hex Code (below) into the field labeled "Hex Encoded String."
3. Inside the digital signature tester, copy & paste your AWS Secret Access Key (find yours here) into the field labeled "AWS Secret Access Key."
    IMPORTANT: Never send your AWS Secret Access Key across the internet.
4. Click the button "Get Signature."
5. Within the field "Signature" (above), copy & paste the signature generated by the digital signature tester (labeled "Signature - using secret key").

(Hide Directions)

Signature Hex Code: 4157534d656368616e6963616c5475726b5265717565737465724e6f74696679576f726b657273323032342d30372d31395430323a30323a33385a